1. Project management – Series

I am starting a new series about project management, based on the book: Projektmanagement: leistungen in der Bau- und Immobilienwirtschaft (2014). This book is the official guide of the german association of project managers in construction and i will synthesize some key points from it. It makes sense to renew and to expand your knowledge here and there. Project management is AHO is out of the HOAI standard for planning. Each project in AHO can be divided into 5 phases:

  1. Preparation of the project
  2. Planning
  3. Execution planning
  4. Execution
  5. Termination

There are four main areas of activity:

  • Organisation
  • Quality
  • Costs
  • Deadlines

They are pretty straightforward and I won’t go into the details. But here and there you can be working on a project, which has some special requirements. I will list them down below:

Project development
(Construction, Building
– Location Analysis
– Buying the property
– Usage concept (planning of needs)
– Market research project development
– Marketing
– Contracts
– Financing
– Costs/deadlines
– Income/rentability
AHO Book 19
(new property)

AHO Book 21
(existing property)
Building modell– Planning leadership BIMAHO Book 9
(other services)
– structuring the processes for the
sustainability concept
AHO Book 9
(other services)
User project
– coordinating the borders between
(Schnittstelle) construction -> user -> rentier
– planning processes of the user facilities
AHO Book 19
(new property)
Concepts for complex
approval procedures
AHO Book 9
(other services)

DIN 69909-1,2
Inclusion of internal/
external stakeholders
– creating a concept for including
all parties to a relevant degree of transparency
AHO Book 9
(other services)
Project management
for connected projects
– managing the project portfolios, project programmesAHO Book 9
(other services)

DIN 69909-1,2
Risk management
for special needs
AHO Book 9
(other services)

AHO Book 19
(new property)
Project managementOn the investor’s sideAHO Book 9
(other services)
Value engineering– economical research
– executing value engineering as a service
AHO Book 9
(other services)
Economical research– Carving out dependencies in the project constellationAHO Book 9
(other services)
Schedule management
with special services
– schedule plan for the planning and constructionAHO Book 9
(other services)
Logistics– solutions for logistics of creating/ running the construction siteAHO Book 9
(other services)
Detailed plan for
the beginning of operations
AHO Book 9
(other services)

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