3. Project management services

I am continuing the series with the outlook on the services project managers should provide. These are all basic services and other services can be included, if both parties agree upon.

  1. Help define or decide upon Function, Construction, Standard and Design of the project. Also help define the organization, quality, cost, deadlines, contracts and insurance for the project.
  2. Prepare the contracts with the rights and duties of the client.
  3. Obtain the necessary approvals, consents and permissions for the project.
  4. Conflict management for the involved (as they a´have different interests) on project-related qualities, costs and terms.
    1. Participants must integrate their content to other plans.
    2. They must investigate alternative options.
  5. Guide project meetings at executive or board level to prepare/make decisions.
  6. Conduct negotiations with project-related, contractual or public-law binding effects for the client.
  7. Be the central project contact point. Take care of the decision/action catalog.
  8. Representation of users, the investor, and the public interest.

These services are defined from the AHO §9 Tafelbuch. Very straightforward.

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