Lessons learned 6

Christmas is coming! I bought and packed the presents for my wife already, so high five for me! The truth is, she will be traveling this end of the year, so we won’t be celebrating together. Well, it’s a pity, but sometimes life is not nice to you. We still have the next year.

News of the week is definitely the Scania’s project to lift a truck with 1.000 drones. See the video below. The interesting thing is the ring, on which the drones are attached. And the second takeout is the level of coordination between drones. We have seen it before, and I can hope that then the biggest programming issues are resolved.

Achmin Menges posted this video of how they designed and built the Buga pavillion in Heilbronn. Seeing the robots in action is a delight. https://vimeo.com/372594657

An article about gentrification – I never liked this word – is not as bad as we thought. In New york, only 3-4% of neighbourhoods are gentrified. The res, well, is just young people moving in. https://brandondonnelly.com/2019/11/09/gentrification-in-new-york-san-francisco-and-chicago-is-not-as-it-would-seem/

Next, investing. Did you know about the 4% rule? seems like no company can be more than 4% of the market size. As soon as they get about the threshold, they tend to stay there for a few months, and then they bounce back.

The rest of the news are on the funny side. Kayne West tweeeted about Plecnik, who is my darling architect. Check him out, his work is amazing, especially if you are into art deco.

If you are into Myers-Briggs personality types, someone did a statistics on how much do different types earn. On average. https://www.visualcapitalist.com/myers-briggs-personality-income/

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