Three most exciting architecture startups July 2017

I will write a series of articles about the most exciting companies in the Planning & Construction industry right now. The first one is about IT in Architecture, the second will be about Real estate, followed by robotics in construction. Down below are listed the top three

  1. Konstru is maybe the most exciting (and disrupting) startup I have seen in a while. This young team from New York has build an in-browser platform to exchange 3D models between different planning teams. Maybe it sounds plain, but imagine it as a Dropbox, or google Drive for your plans and drawings, especially for the Revit model. The biggest advantage is you can actually open the 3D model in browser!01
  1. Newforma is focused on PIM – project information modelling, run through the website. It is an all-in-one hub for the key emails, contracts, plans, corrections, etc, to help the construction process run smoothly, especially the collaboration between different engineering teams. Even though it is not the youngest company anymore, its design and the key functionalities are way in front of their closest competition. 750x750bb
  2. Coincraft comes from Australia and helps architects run their offices. It is a company management and project management tool to help architects keep their projects on budget. Architects now know how much time they should spent on a project to still be feasible. It also helps you structure a project, to define how much time (and money) should be dedicated to each phase. And it runs in-browser with a nice palette of grey and gold. Their weakest point must be their name and the URL, which is the same as a coin shop from London.60354_1460442233timesheet2


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