This week’s lessons 03

My wife and I went to Madrid, la Mancha and Valencia for a week. We needed some vacation after the move to Berlin, it was stressful.

The question, which was occupying my mind this week the most, is: Why are there no coworking spaces in Hotels? They seem like natural allies. Both try to optimise usage of space from the end users, both rely on short term leases, depend of being hood in hospitality and customer care, with one big difference – hotels are full at night, coworking spaces at day.

I saw this tweet from Nassim Taleb (it is a bot profile, but the quote is from Taleb). He warns from the inefficiency of technology, and not to believe that it can solve us from our problems. Someone before him said to me something similar. I think I slowly start to understand what they mean, especially after the debacle of revolutions in Egypt and the whole China thing.

I don’t like Bitcoin, but Blockchain looks like a perfect technology to replace – shares. Imagine having Applecoins, GEcoins, etc. It is much easier to buy-sell Bitcoins than shares, we get rid of high-speed trading, and all transactions /emissions are supervised. Much cheaper for the end user. Just a side thought.

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